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comments from May 2009  (Muzzo: Magic cello)

“I’ve been there, I was caught out of breath. Why should I scribble. I can only add a copy of a comment

We have another dimension of Muzzo here. Masterpieces in an untouched classic form for the lovers of this music. And I am totally in for dragging Ursula to the List of Favourites. When I hear such sounds, simply my eyes shut and I am no longer present in the normal world, that’s how the sounds of classical and baroque music affect me. A whole another dimension without redundant words, only vision.

The sound of cello. Congratulations on the choice and on the perseverance that give such effect. What can I, Poor Beetle, can say about what I am hearing here. I can just stand up and clap my hands when the right time comes, and to give flowers. I also congratulate you on the success which is already the sole possibility to perform solo pieces before the audience and I wish you as much as it may for you to be given the position of a solo performer. It was mostly pleasant for me to listen to your repertuar here. When it comes to Beethoven, Andrzej, [a reference to a previous comment] has “Ode to Joy” become tasteless for what was done to it??? More horrendous things were done to “For Elisa” – all the postcards and musical toys. Good they have calmed down and stopped the such banging away with “Moonlight Sonata.”

Once again bravo Ursula the cellist for exposing these sounds.

All the best,


What we have here is a classic pearl – classical music in excellent performance!!! I think that our problem is that we listen little to such music, hence there comes a question how one should write about it… I think that Mateusz prepared us to listen to a presentation although I know that the reception will possibly be not easy. Open not only your ears but also hearts, don’t think about it that it’s serious music (I don’t like this definition), get yourselves driven away by the magic of the living cello’s classical sounds… Then you will understand and you will equally be enchanted like Mateusz, Darek and… ra… J

Kind regards J …ra…”

“On this occasion I would also like to quote Tomek’s (Electrobanq) comment, placed on the Ursula’s profile: “I love such music. While listening to these cello presentations my pulse goes up and my pupils get bigger. You can listen to them endlessly…. It’s beaty that cannot be described with words. Love”

“Ah, covers again… Joke :P.

Seriously, classically, say what you want, what I can hear in the Kodaly sonata is rock’n’roll and one of a flying trousers kind – yeaaah, expression and the appoggiatura-like, nervous pecking at lower strings causes a veery pleasant

little shiver…

And as for Beethoven, you know – once I hated it cause I had to play it so as to pass my exams in PSM, now I don’t have to murder it for a grade, so I love it…”

„Ursula is a real Master’s apprentice. She can bring out a beautiful timbre from her instrument. I think that Master can be really proud of her. I was very happy that she found courage inside to present herself on Muzzo. I was really impressed by her interpretation of the Kodaly Sonata. The sense of timbre, the ability to use dynamics and excellent pace made this difficult piece unusually fresh in reception. In view of the fact that I had a chance to hear Ursula live I can confirm that the recording presented on Muzzo is not a coincidence (to be precise I heard her before she put her productions on Muzzo and I didn’t have the pleasure to talk to her). True music does not know divisions. If she finds a place among our favourites I will be very glad.